Mr. Bharath Mehta
“The first ever South Jewellery Show in January 2021 indicated how much the state needs its own B2B platform for the Jewellery trade, though we were not a part of it, we heard from different sources that it was a great success, we started believing that SJS is the Exhibition for Bengaluru & hence participated in the second edition & our belief became true as it turned out to be another huge success. We will be a part of all the future editions of SJS.”
Mr. Mahendra Jain
“Bengaluru is perfectly located in the heart of South India, this is one of the main reasons for us to participate in the first edition & it turned out to be good for us, subsequently we were a part of the 2nd edition also & the organizers pulled off another successful show, we intend to be a part of all SJS in future.”

Mr. Ankit J Sanghvi
“The January 2021 show made us realise just how much has changed in the Jewellery trade in recent years. Just like their customers, even the Jewellers from small towns are aware of global trends, so they are constantly looking for new innovations and adaptations of classic designs. We took part again in the August 2021 Show, Wow, what an Exhibition it was, hats off to the organizers to have helped us get new clients form tier 3 and 4 towns.”

Mr. Kushal Sakaria Jain
“Bengaluru is the new centre where a lot of manufacturers are creating new designs exclusively for South Indian consumers, so we did participate in both the editions; trust me both the shows gave us more than what we wanted. We are committed to SJS in all their future endeavours.”
Mr. Chetan Kumar Mehta
"The jewellery market is getting transformed as a result of the lockdown experience. We have already been getting many inquiries from potential clients in smaller towns based on our online marketing. This never happened before. We are confident that a physical show like South Jewellery Show will help us meet an even larger number of such potential business partners.”
Mr. Sandeep Mehta
“Gold prices have moderated, jobs are slowly coming back and consumer demand is on the upswing. So everyone in the Industry is looking forward to the South Jewellery Show to provide a further boost to the business. It is well timed to enable us to be prepared for the all important marriage season that is coming soon.”
Mr. Suresh Kumar Ganna
“It was really exciting to be a part of the South Jewellery Show as a participant & more so as a support to the organizers, i personally realized that we have invested time, money & the trust in the right set of organizers, Kudos to Sreekanth & team, we came out victorious again in the second edition which was more challenging then the first edition. All the best & keep doing the best in future also.”


Mr. Ram
“We have been in the business for quite some time now, we have well established contacts for all the traditional types of Jewellery, but we are constantly on the lookout for manufacturers of newer styles that appeal to the younger, more cosmopolitan consumer. We will be at the South Jewellery Show to meet potential suppliers of these products.”
“The t SJS showcases the best jewellery manufactured in the country. It also provides oppurtunity for networking, knowledge sharing and exchange of information which benefits the industry as a whole.”
Mr. Manoj Kumar Jha
A high end Jewellery show was much requiredin Bengaluru. SJS have filled that Vaccumeby showing in their all editions. One should must visit this special show, where you can find a special bouquet of South Indian Jewellery”
Mr. Suresh Addanki
“The South Jewellery Show is a unique B2B jewellery exhibition that is held on a grand scale which gives immense opportunities for Jewellers in South India to plan their inventory with latest designs and fine workmanship. Every year there is something different and we are hoping to be a part of all Editions of SJS.”


Mr. Abay Ranka
“We are very excited about bringing the entire Silver Industry under one roof. The show comes as a boon to the Silver Industry as it grows into new heights.”
Mr. Kishore Roonwal
“We are very happy that we participated in SSI. we have come in contact with many new customers from across India.”
Mr. Nitesh Uttam Chand Jain
“SSI bangalore was a very well organised show. We had lots of serious buyers visiting us and owners of stores who don’t visit us in other shows also came to our stall as they were not distracted because of gold and diamonds.
Mr. Rakesh Kumar
"There is a growing interest in Silver Jewellery & articles." "We were looking for the right platform to develop our network of clients in new parts of the Country, and then came SSI, and we realized in no time that there is no better way to reach these regions than by regularly participating in SSI."
Mr. Abineet
"We are preparing to unveil many new collections at the Silver Show of India. It is our experience that many smaller jewellers are somewhat cautious when placing advance orders and often need to replenish stocks. "SSI proved to be an ideal platform for connecting suppliers and retailers when it was most needed."
Mr. Yogesh Kotari
"Earlier, only the bigger names among retailers stocked Silver Jewellery, but now, times have changed. Because of the high demand for silver products, new retailers have emerged to fill the void. The Silver Show of India helped us make contact with new Jewellers who want to enter Silver Jewellery retail or expand their Silver section."
Mr. Rajesh
"I've always wondered why there were no major trade shows on silver, and I'm overjoyed that the Silver Show of India has been launched." There are many newer manufacturers in the Silver Industry, SSI provided us the perfect platform to showcase our designs to the world."


Malabar Gold & Diamonds
“The first 2 editions of SSI were great. It was good to be back in a B2B show such as SSI.”
Mr. Pratap Kamat
“SSI was a great opportunity to meet new suppliers of Silver Jewellery and Articles. The show was a big surprise.
Joyalukkas India Ltd
“SSI presented us with a good opportunity to speak directly with our existing suppliers and new vendors. We can’t wait for the next edition to be held in Mumbai.”
Mr. Anand
“Our Staff found SSI an invaluable platform where they can boost their knowledge and expertise, on Silver Jewellery and Articles.”